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H-1B 工作签证报税指南

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如何判断自己的是Tax Resident or Non Resident?

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About Us

About Us
Who We Are?
As former international students ourselves, every member at Tax Panda remembered how we frustrated we were trying to fill tax forms by ourselves.

We understand your frustration of
-Uncertain about your tax filing status,
-Hit by hidden fees from some Tax Software or accounting firms
-Fines and Troubles from forgotten tax forms
-Missing deductions and refundable credit we deserved
-Helpless and complicated response from school, tax software, or accounting firms
-Not knowing how to mail a tax return letters (how to write an envelope?)

Tax Panda understand your concerns and needs in this complex, ever-evolving tax environment, and we are aiming to take care of all that by developing a user friendly platform that take international student's special needs into consideration. With contribution of many of our experienced CPA and staff, Tax Panda's mission is to deliver the best tax filing experience for the international student group, and to offer the most convenient, affordable, e-file software and impeccable costumer support.

Why Choose Us?

We take into consideration of your personal situation and apply credit and deductions specific for international personnel.

Catch all the deductions & credits you deserved
-Designed specially for international students, taking situations relevant for international student into consideration such as rent, tuition deductions, etc
-For many students that income summary in the form of 1099-MISC, Tax Panda is dedicated to lower your tax liability by a deep dive into your personal situation. We want to make sure you get the QBI Deduction (around 20% income deduction) if you qualify.
- for W-2 wage holders, we are dedicated to maximize your refund and check for any possible wrongful withholding such as FICA tax withholding, we will provide statements and step by step instructions to help you communicate with the government to claim your refund

Taking care of all your forgotten tax forms once and for all
- Tax Panda takes care of all your forgotten tax forms once and for all: include statements and all forgotten 8843 Since even your first year in U.S.

Fast &Convenient
- Tax Panda provides the Most Convenient E-file for non-resident (IRS approved)
-Real time fast support on Wechat and phone by both Chinese and English language

Affordable Price
-In Tax Panda, Price is clear and affordable, we guaranteed no hidden fees!

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  • New York, United States
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